Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Muffin Tin Advent Calendar **How To**

YAY!!! I am SO excited about Christmas this year! As Liam gets older and is understanding things more and more it is so fun to start holiday traditions with him. I was really wanting to make an Advent Calendar to start counting down the days to Christmas, but I kind of waited until the last minute, so I was searching online for something that I could make relatively quickly to have ready by the 1st of December. I came across this, and knew it would be perfect!
It was SUPER EASY, and only took a couple hours start to finish : ). Can't beat that! I will give you a little supply list incase you want to whip one up.
1. Mini muffin tin (24 holes)
2. Adhesive magnet sheets (I got mine at Wal-mart in the craft section. They come in 5x8 sheets in a pack of 2. You will need 2 packs to make this project)
3. Card Stock
4. Christmas Scrapbook Paper
5. Glue or Mod Podge
6. Embellishments (stickers, gems, glitter, etc.)
1. Adhere you magnet sheets to the card stock then cut out 24 2.5inch squares (or smaller depending on the size of your tin)
2. Cut out 24 2in. squares from your Christmas scrapbook paper and glue to the magnet squares. (I used Mod Podge so that they would be sealed, but you can do what ever you like.)
3. Arrange in the pattern you would like and add your numbers. (I used my Cricut to cut out numbers, but you could also use stickers or a sharpie to write on the numbers as well.)
4. Add cute embellishments :)
5. Fill with treats or slips of paper with fun ideas for you and your family to do together.
6. Admire you cute little Calendar!