Friday, February 26, 2010


Unlike everyone else in the blogging world, I am NOT pregnant! My BIG news however is more crafting related. I had a meeting with a local children's boutique called BAMBAROOS today and I received my first wholesale order!! I am VERY excited!! I am going to be quite busy, and will be learning time management to meet my 2 week deadline, but in the end, I am still VERY excited! Ever since I launched my Etsy shop several months ago, I have been thinking of ways to expand my selling opportunities. God is good, and I know his favor has been with me through this endeavor. Feel free to check out their website, and if you are local, stop by and buy some stuff :-)

Funky Little Chick

Here is my girly Easter shirt, now avaliable in my shop! This is one cute little chick-a-dee :-)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Custom Order Apron

This is one of the aprons I made for a customer. I love the fabrics, so bright and cheery. One of my favorite things is the matching little hand towel that buttons on the side. I got to use my new embroidery machine, too :-) I am making a more "vintage" looking one as well. I will post pictures once it is finished.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hip-pity Hop-pity Happy Easter

Here is a little shirt I came up with for Easter. I have more ideas brewing, this is just the first one that came to fruition. My little guys seems to like it :-)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Felt Puppet Theater

This was one of those project that you get started and you just can't go to sleep until it is finished. It turned out so cute, and I can't wait for my little guy to get up in the morning so we can have a puppet show! It was SO easy to make, all you need is some felt yardage which you can get at Hobby Lobby for about 5.99 a yard, some polyester satin for the curtain, and a couple tension rods and wahlah... Puppet Theater!!
Felt comes in so many colors so it would be easy to personalize it for your little one. I used my cricut to cut out the letters and then traced them on to felt and used heat bond to attach them to the curtain. Another thing that I LOVE is that you can take it down and fold it up for storage! I will post some pictures of us playing with it soon :-)

Friday, February 5, 2010

For the Boys!!

All of you with little boys HAVE to check out these two blogs, MADE and Made by Rae. They are doing crafts for BOYS ALL MONTH LONG!!! Crazy exciting, I know!! This is one that was featured a couple days ago that I just can't wait to make for my little guy! They are snakes made from old neckties. If your hubby, like mine has only worn a tie a total of 3 times in his life, make a run to Goodwill and pick up a few old ties to get started. Check out the tutorial here. So simple and so cute!! I will post some pictures of mine once I make my Goodwill run :-)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I was just sitting in my sewing room working on some orders and the FedX truck pulls up in front of my house and drops off this huge box!! My sweet, darling, COMPLETELY AWESOME, husband surprised me with this!!! I can't wait to figure out how to use it!! Eeeekkkk!!!! I am still on cloud nine!! Surprises are the BEST!!!