Friday, February 26, 2010


Unlike everyone else in the blogging world, I am NOT pregnant! My BIG news however is more crafting related. I had a meeting with a local children's boutique called BAMBAROOS today and I received my first wholesale order!! I am VERY excited!! I am going to be quite busy, and will be learning time management to meet my 2 week deadline, but in the end, I am still VERY excited! Ever since I launched my Etsy shop several months ago, I have been thinking of ways to expand my selling opportunities. God is good, and I know his favor has been with me through this endeavor. Feel free to check out their website, and if you are local, stop by and buy some stuff :-)


  1. WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats, girl!!!!

  2. SOOOO exciting!! I knew they'd Love you and your work!

  3. Congrats! I had a person contact me through etsy for some wholesale but never heard back at all :( I am getting together a few more items to take to a boutique here and try to sell them. Good luck with everything!